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Cutting Edge Technology

Like everything else, the steel industry is constantly changing. The computerization of steel began when CNC machines were first introduced revolutionizing the industry. Today, Mike's Metal Works, Inc. continues to embrace all the cutting edge technology that is available today. Our estimating and design departments utilize the latest programs to perform and manage projects with maximum efficiency. A fully robotic Python™ plasma beam line allows us to process  beams that used to take an hour and a half by hand, to performing the same task in six minutes. We now have a state of the art Accurpress™ press brake capable of bending just about any design imaginable in metal, and a  brand new robotic Messer™ plasma plate table that will cut out any shape, design, graphic, art piece, lettering, or just about anything else you can imagine out of metal. We pride ourselves on being able to do it all. The sky is the limit and the technology available literally makes almost anything that a designer can dream possible. Contact us today to process everything from short production runs to ground up design builds!

MMW Scanning and 3D Modeling

  • The latest piece of equipment to be added to our ever growing line up is the Trimble™ TX8 3D scanner and Total Station robot. This allows us the ability to identify everything from correct elevations, column and beam verifications, to ground up design from a 1 million point per second scan prior to ever positioning a piece of steel virtually eliminating costly mistakes in the field. This will virtually eliminate guessing or field measuring on building elevations, as the images are accurate within 2 mm over 120 meters of distance.

  • Architects and designers will benefit from time and money saved by providing a one to one 3D image that can be uploaded into most CAD design programs where models can be generated from actual scans that have the ability to be manipulated. 

  • Scan an entire building, a room, a school, an existing site that needs remodeling or a new ground up build. The scanner provides the ability to accurately model and detail not only structural and misc. steel, but just about anything that requires CAD drawings to produce.

  • Contact us today for a demonstration on what this technology can do for you!

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