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Our Facility...


In 2014 our company was offered the opportunity to purchase a dream facility for our business. Located on 60 acres overlooking the Steele Canyon Golf Course, lay the historical Fowler Manufacturing facility. Since the 1940's, this industrial building has been a long standing structure in Jamul. Originally developed by Smitty Fowler to manufacture his famous "Fowler Flap", then later as the House of Steel, and finally as the manufacturing facility for Mike's Metal Works, Inc. and MMW Products, Inc. we are proud to carry on the metal fabrication history that has long occupied this site. We have completely upgraded the offices to be state of the art with computer IT and communications, and are moving more cutting edge metal fabrication machines to update the already existing machinery in our company repertoire. As the photos below show, the sky is literally the limit with this wonderful building!

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